You can easily share your purchases between devices as long as they use the same Apple or Google account. Here's how:


1) Install and open Just Ahead on your secondary device

2) Tap on Find a Guide

3) Tap on Manage Purchases (note: you'll have to scroll down to find the button)

4) Top the Restore button

5) You will be prompted for your Apple or Google password, enter it

6) After a few seconds any guides you have purchased from Apple or Google will appear on the screen

Once your purchases are restored you can now download and play your guides:

1) Tap the back button to return to the main screen

2) Tap Play a Guide, here you'll see a list of guides installed on your phone. To open the guide tap on the guide and follow the directions. 

3) If the guide is not there Tap on Find a Guide, then tap on the guide you want to download, then press download

4) Once the guide is downloaded you can tap on it to open the guide


That's it!