Would you like to experience or preview your Just Ahead audio tour from the comfort of your home, hotel room, RV, car, or campsite? It's easy. There are two ways:

1) Preview Button - Your Just Ahead guide may have a Preview button next to the help button. If it doesn't yet, go to option #2 below. A selection of our favorite stories will play, giving you a brief taste of what's to come in this audio guide. Of course, the best way to experience Just Ahead is to hear these stories play while you drive down the road, as the beautiful sights come into view. To end this preview, just tap the preview button again. 

2) Blue Markers - Alternatively, simply open the guide and when you get to the map screen you'll see a number of blue markers all over the map. These blue markers represent the stories in guide you have open. Zoom in on the map by double-tapping or placing two fingers on the map and spreading them apart to see the blue markers better. Then tap on a blue marker and a description of the point will appear with a blue play button next to it. Tap the blue play button and the audio at that point will play.

Below is an image showing how to play one of our stories manually:

Of course, it's a whole lot better to see the app work on the road, but this is a good way to get a feel for the area you're planning to visit. Also, on the map you should see a number of lightly colored points with dashed lines. These points represent all the other areas we have covered with content. To get a preview of those guides you can simply tap on those points as well.